Check professional coaching for companies

Business coaching is a working method to support customers in achieving their goals. It is a process of change. Change occurs as the customers’ awareness of themselves and the reality of their operations increases. Our offer includes sessions for managers – modern coaching for managers as well as coaching for employees. We offer attractive team coaching, which guarantees fast and measurable results. We conduct our training courses in Lodz and Warsaw. You are more than welcome to book a date of your classes.

Why choose coaching for companies?

The coaching process is useful due to the presence of a coach who asks questions that the customer would never ask, questions that reach to the core, induce to look for answers and, thus, to build awareness. The coach encourages the customer to have an insight by means of various techniques and tools which, leading to an increase in awareness, allow to draw conclusions and learn. This, in turn, leads to a change in thinking and, consequently, to a change in behaviour, habits and the use of one’s potential.

Coaching for companies – how do we operate?

In our coaching for companies, each coaching process of the managerial staff begins with a contract session – usually involving three parties (coachee, sponsor, coach) – during which goals for the process are set. The goals are clear to all parties and fully understood. The coaching process usually begins with a coaching relationship contract agreed upon between the coach and the customer (coachee). The next step is to analyse the goal area. In this area, which requires about 2-3 sessions, we examine the goals, analyse them from different perspectives, assess the degree to which values are achieved. After that, work with the customer’s reality begins. At this stage we look at the limitations and the challenges on the way to the goals, as well as draw all the resources that the customer has and does not use due to various types of limitations. The essence of this stage of work with the coachee’s reality is to work on the extraction of personal potential and increase awareness of the resources. We can achieve measurable effects by organising both coaching for managers and team meetings. Joint exercises bring team members closer together; what is more, they can achieve their personal and professional goals. We also focus on working with limiting beliefs, turning them into supporting limitations.

Professional activities – effective coaching for companies

Depending on the type of goals, we use a whole range of tools to work with the customer’s reality. The next step is to work on generating options of solutions to reach specific goals. This is a turning point in the entire process which – from a neurological point of view and using creative techniques of combining new neurons – allows to generate solutions the customer would never have invented alone if it were not for working with the coach. At the same time, we teach the customer new active and creative forms of work on inventing options by installing an internal “self-coach” in the bonus. We check each option from different perspectives and assess it in terms of implementation feasibility, arranging a plan B and determining successive steps of implementation which end the coaching process. Depending on the needs, a review session is held halfway through the process, which serves to examine the usefulness of the process on the way to the established goals. The process ends with a summary session during which work evaluation takes place. We recommend professionally organised team and individual coaching for employees and management. We are convinced that properly conducted workshops will help to increase work effectiveness and influence positively the atmosphere in the team.

In addition to the EXECUTIVE COACHING PROCESS, Hutchinson Institute offers:

Team coaching

A team coach, usually external, supports a team in raising their task or relation-based efficiency. How his work is different from training courses? First of all, during each team coaching session, it is the team that defines the goals. So we work on actual team challenges. It is extremely important because:

  • when the goals belong to the team and are not superimposed, that increases their motivation to reach them. The team displays a sense of unity. That is a great benefit for the team members who learn from one another, and inspire each other at the solution generation stage.
  • the developed ideas, solutions, variants, and plans of operation also belong to the team. Team members develop them during a sessions, and verify their implementation feasibility, eventually committing to action. That significantly influences the efficiency of introducing changes and achieving goals.

Group coaching

Group coaching is a process in which participants work on their actual challenges. The method you are going to experience during the workshops helps us successfully lead a client through the entire process, from examining a challenge from various perspectives to generating solutions. The methods combine personal coaching and group support, which offers insight and the creation of a new element.