For many years now Joanna has conducted workshops in Impression Management and Public Speaking. What makes her the perfect person to share her experience in this area? For 8 years she was the Spokeswoman for the Marshal of the Łódzkie Voivodship. She conducted various meetings, major events, and press conferences. Her duties included speaking to journalists, often in front of the camera. In her career she has organised and chaired over 300 press conferences and had just as many public appearances in front of live audience. Now, she is eager to share all that during practical workshops, during which participants not only gain knowledge and can practice their newly acquired skills, but they also increase their confidence.

Joanna worked for 5 years as a sports reporter at Radio Łódź, where she had a lot of practice in vocal pedagogy.

Furthermore, she spent 10 years working as a journalist for the Gazeta Wyborcza daily, which means she can easily slip into journalists’ shoes and teach others how to cooperate with the media.

Joanna graduated from the Department of Economics, University of Lodz, and the SGH Warsaw School of Economics majoring in two courses: Public Relations and Coaching. On a regular basis she holds meetings with people who wish to talk about motivation and who set new goals for themselves. Her ability to hold such sessions is yet another advantage enriching the Public Speaking workshops.

Joanna is a certified Design Thinking moderator. She also uses elements of Design Thinking during her original Public Speaking workshops.

Joanna Blewąska-Kołodziejczak