HR Manager, an expert with experience in creating and managing development policy of an organisation. A member of Polish Psychological Association [Polskie Towarzystwo Psychologiczne], development specialist, Coach ICF at the ACC level.
She specialises in manager training sessions and workshops (team work, leadership and motivation skills, change management, self-efficiency management, communication, negotiations).
She takes advantage of her knowledge and experience of an executive during interactions with students while conducting classes for students on management styles and models of leadership in practise.
Her passion is accompanying people who would like to develop their skills in the field of leadership (individual and team leadership) and become experts in communication, motivation, assertiveness, and foster coach skills. She believes that the base of a coach’s work is paying attention to what people say, sharing knowledge about life and leading them in the direction in which they could feel their moving spirit.
She likes to work hard to achieve the goals. She has a natural aversion towards failures. She loves risk (the more difficult something is, the better). She always looks for new solutions to old problems. She attempts to act for the benefit of others. Influence by exchanging thoughts is a basic mean of accomplishing these goals for her.
Sport is her passion. She takes part in long distance races and IM triathlon competitions. She also loves spinning and swimming.

Paulina Gocała