Piotr is an executive and life coach (since 2008) who works according to a methodology in line with the standards of the International Coach Federation (currently in the accreditation process for Master Certified Coach). He has conducted over 2,600 hours of qualified personal and group coaching sessions, as well as hundreds of hours of skills coaching (including managerial and sales skills). He has been a business trainer since 1993. Since then, he has conducted around 2,300 training days, which included training sessions and workshops in business psychology, and sales and management. He has trained and designed training sessions for managers and specialists in both, corporations and SMEs.

For many years he was associated with Huthwaite Polska, a leading global corporation specialising in research and training in the processes of management, communication, and sales for B2B and B2C, where he devised and delivered improvement and development programmes for global corporations.

Piotr is a lecturer and a specialist manager at the Business Coaching Academy, Pomerania Development Agency Co., lecturer at the Post-graduate Personnel Management Study at the SWPS University, at the Poznań University of Economics and Business, at the Trainer Academy at the WSB University in Gdańsk, at the Business Trainer Academy at the University of Lodz, and at the School of Emotional Intelligence; he was also for many years (5 terms) the Director of the Gdańsk branch of the International Coach Federation, and he collaborated with the Gdańsk-based Wydawnictwo Psychologiczne publishing house.

He is often invited by media outlets to participate in radio and television shows as a consultant in the area of coaching and social psychology.

Piotr specialises in business psychology (M.A. in psychology in 1991, University of Gdańsk) understood as support for organisations (companies and institutions) in managing a broad spectrum of psychological processes leading to increasing business efficiency and personnel well-being. He engages in it as a coach, business trainer, advisor, and mentor.

Piotr Ławacz