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Managing the transformation process of an entire company is a significant challenge, as it is associated with a different dimension of leadership, acquiring new competencies, and unlearning old habits. Guiding people through the process of change is crucial. Such a process must involve the management board, key managers, all business and support departments such as legal or HR, with the support of specialist, well-selected advisors.
The Hutchinson Institute team, as part of the Human-Relation-Organisation approach, provides companies with the following effects:
• Increased employee motivation and commitment
• Higher operational efficiency
• Improved relationships with internal and external customers
• Increased innovation
• Reduced operational risk
• Perfect use of foreign languages in a business context
Our mission at the Hutchinson Institute is to support HR departments in the development of the organisation.
That’s why we strive to be better every day. We grow, build trust, establish and maintain long-term relationships with business partners and academic communities. We have created a new approach to the transformation of companies based on HRO™ Human-Relation-Organisation. Initiatives such as HR Genius and Growing Circle HRO™ allow our business partners to benefit from both academic and business knowledge.
Many years of experience allow us to successfully combine the business reality of our clients and their current challenges, e.g. with ESG, producing the desired results, in line with new trends. All of this we offer in dedicated development processes for companies.

This way, organisations can develop at their own pace with the support of the most modern tools and trends from around the world. Therefore, we implement solutions that best suit the actual needs of companies. The effectiveness of our solutions is primarily due to a team of experts: trainers/coaches/lecturers who are business practitioners and specialise in narrow areas dedicated to business.

The effectiveness of our activities is confirmed by the numbers:


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Reviews from our clients

Read what representatives of the companies for which we have prepared training think about us.

Edward Czarzasty

Vice-President of the Management Board, Investment Director

ELBIS Sp. z o.o.

The great advantage of the company is its flexibility and great openness to the client’s needs – the learning program is adapted to the level and expectations of the participants. The individual, yet non-standard and professional conduct of the course makes us fully recommend Hutchinson Institute.

Urszula Banasiak

Head of the Development and Training Department


We highly value the training preparation stage, which is preceded by a thorough two-stage diagnosis of language skills. Hutchinson Institute lecturers are assessed by training participants as professionals due to their full commitment, high substantive level of the training conducted and the openness and flexibility presented during classes.