Beata graduated from psychology studies at the University of Wrocław and from psychology of transport studies at the University of Opole. She is an accredited ICF (ACC) Coach, a practitioner of the Points of You method and Rational Behaviour Therapy, and a licensed MTQ48 consultant. She is also a Job Crafting facilitator, which is a method that helps one find satisfaction and meaning in their work.

Since 2014 she has been using her knowledge and psychological experience in business and has implemented, e.g., effective ways of handling stress or difficult emotions, she supports the building of mental resilience, and shows people how to develop an instruction manual of themselves.

She perfected her skills and gained even more experience by conducting training sessions for small companies and large corporations alike. Apart from helping people work with their emotions and develop their internal strength, Beata also specialises in helping employees prevent professional burnout and find new joy in doing their jobs.

In 2019 she also expanded her activities online. She conducts personal consultations with clients aimed to improve their mental health, and to help them better cope with stress and develop mental resilience. She also offers online group workshops and webinars, and she develops her own online courses.

Beata Szklanny