Daria is a sociologist, expert in emotional intelligence and psychosocial competences, certified systemic coach and ICF coach, certified business trainer, constellation facilitator, certified trainer of the FRIS® psychometric tool Styles of Thinking and Acting, CliftonStrengths™ talent and strengths diagnostics (Gallup Institute).

For over 18 years she has conducted personal sessions and group sessions for companies in Poland and abroad. She supports and inspires people to discover their resources and talents so that they can finally feel their courage, confidence, and intuition. Daria offers psychological support and training in mental health, developing healthy teams and organisations, and restoring the perennial balance between work and rest. She teaches people how to manage their own energy and that of a team, how to cope with manipulation and creatively resolve conflicts, how to draw energy from life, how to replace old negative habits with new ones – all in order to effectively fulfil one’s own intentions. She educates organisations about the systemic perspective, meaning one that considers a system as a whole, not just individual persons separately. She discusses how an optimal arrangement of elements supports organisational order, which offers a higher flow, understanding and application of key corporate values. Daria herself travelled a long path in search of this knowledge. She has a traveller’s mind and she loves to travel – also venturing deep into herself and others. She graduated from the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Wrocław, and she completed HR and MBA post-graduate studies. She has over 20 years of experience in conducting training sessions and workshops in personal development within the academic path, with a strong corporate focus, and a spiritual, Tantra, shamanistic one.

Daria has never stopped learning systemic constellations regarding the family and organisations (Szkoła Cichych Ustawień Gerharda Walpera, Wolfgang Deusser, Heiko Hinrichs, John Whittington), psychosocial competences, psychodrama, improv theatre, and work with one’s own body, intuition, voice, and head.

Daria Lewandowska