In her work as a teacher of soft skills, a holistic coach, trainer in business practices, and aide to university students, for over 8 years now Ewelina has been sharing her knowledge, helped attendees at her training courses, lectures, talks, webinars, and personal sessions develop appropriate attitudes and gain competences in: increasing their sense of self worth as the key element for good mental health (Workshops for Students at the Poznan University of Technology, as well as for primary and secondary school students), managing emotions and own energy in independent projects for “Dom Życia” in Nekielka, Body Balance in Poznań (project fulfilled per the original “Take Care of Yourself” (Zaopiekuj się Sobą) formula, based on her 2019 book of the same title available at www.ewelinajasik.pl), professional burnout prophylaxis (in the form of webinars and training sessions for medium and large companies), depression prophylaxis, preventing violence and supporting education for coping with trauma, corporate well-being, coping with stress, and in-team communication.

Additionally, in her capacity as a coach, Ewelina often works as a HR Business Partner in the areas of organisational design, change management, mobbing, partnership-focussed leadership, project management, and motivation by discovering employee personal motivators and a sense of purpose and intent.

In her work she also uses a unique and extremely effective method which includes elements of symbolic modelling or Clean Coaching.

Ewelina Jasik