Graduate of the Institute of English Philology in Lodz, Poland. She completed numerous methodological trainings conducted by Macmillan, British Council, Oxford University Press, Express Publishing, thanks to which she gained knowledge and qualifications as a trainer. She joined Hutchinson Institute’s team of language trainers in 2010.

During that time, she has conducted more than 2,000 training hours for employees and management of such companies as Amcor Tobacco Packaging, Swedwood Poland, Rossmann SDP, East West Spinning, Constantia Teich Poland, Alstom Power, Nordea Bank Polska, Nordea Bank AB, GEERS Hearing Acoustics, Lodz Agglomeration Railway, ePRUF.

She specializes in business English training with particular emphasis on areas related to Human Resource Management, labor law and customer service. She has provided specialized training in the field of medicine and medical insurance.

Her hobbies include American culture and history.

Małgorzata Magdziak