Graduate of the Institute of English Studies at the Faculty of Philology of the University of Łódź. Lecturer of Business English at the Faculty of Economics and Sociology of the University of Łódź for over 10 years. TELC and TOEIC examiner Coordinator of BEC and TOEFL iBT exams at the University of Lodz. Participated in numerous methodological trainings, including the training organized by the PASE association: “Working with corporate clients. Since 2010, he has been a member of the Hutchinson Institute’s team of trainers.

He has conducted more than 5,000 training hours for such clients as Lek S.A., Novartis, Sandoz, Coca-Cola, Philips, mBank, Ernst & Young, Rossmann SDP, Swedwood Poland, Amcor Tobacco Packaging, JTI Tobacco, Hutchinson Poland, Nordea NOC, Wytwórnia Umjedurowania Strażkiego.

He specializes in Business English and Office English training covering soft issues such as making presentations, negotiations, meetings, customer service. In addition, he has provided training in banking, finance, accounting or forms of investment in English, as well as training with elements of technical language.

He was a member of the project team “Łódź sails to world markets – Business English Academy with MBE certificate”, where he conducted language training related to Business English in the broadest sense.

In his free time, he indulges in cycling and photography.