Marcin is a life coach. He graduated from the University of Lodz specialising in “Methods for supporting inter-personal relations. Life coaching.” He is a change coach within the trend of Transtheoretical Model of Change. Finally, he is a shaman advisor, student of Arvick Baghramian, a modern shaman and therapist.

Reiki healer – works with universal harmonising and healing energy.

Marcin has over 20 years of experience in corporate banking, mainly as a transaction product specialist for corporations and e-banking.

After years of his “professional career” in banking, he underwent a personal transformation through, e.g., Tantra workshops and his own search along the Neo-Pagan path in nature-based spirituality. He completed post-graduate studies and started work as a life coach.

He offers workshops and personal developmental processes based on self discovery and acceptance, establishing a deeper relationship with oneself and the surrounding world, and with the nature’s rhythm. He helps people build awareness, internal strength, and life harmony, which together are the source of health and happiness. Marcin’s favourite word is empowerment, meaning the agential and creative power that lies in everyone. It enables us to make choices that lead us to joyful harmonious life.

It helps us build healthy and supportive relations in all aspects of life, be it personal, family, or professional.

Marcin Grzelak