Corporate wellness

We offer workshops tailored to specific needs and created according to the latest trends. The purpose of corporate wellness programmes is to increase employee satisfaction, involvement and health, decrease absenteeism as well as improve company image. We show how to manage resources in a way to have energy, ideas and motivation to take up new challenge.

Future Five – the competencies of the future

The training is dedicated to leaders and people working on their success who want to know what competencies it is worth investing in and what skills our employees should possess, so that the team they create is still successful in 5 years.

During the training we are going to ask fundamental questions regarding the future and factors determining success on the market. Participants of the workshop are going to learn how to gain self-awareness, be highly flexible and open to new challenges of  the fast-changing world. Thanks to our training the Participants are going to see how important it is to have complex and non-standard competencies; advanced and at the same time close to each person as they come from our nature.

During the training Participants will get to know the key competencies of the future, that is:

  1. Self-awareness of one’s own potential, needs and possibilities coming out of them which can be used in professional life
  2. Emotion management and ability to reduce stress
  3. Mindfulness, concentration improvement and conscious presence at work
  4. Flexibility of both thought and action and active improvisation as an effective tool to achieve goals
  5. The role of intuition in creative problem solving.

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‘FIND YOUR ENERGY’ - stress management workshop using the innovative Tension Release Exercises (TRE) method


The FIND YOUR ENERGY workshop is dedicated to people who deal with:
– many tasks

– a lot of information

– high responsibility

– pressure on results



– with more energy, we are more committed

– a greater ability to concentrate increases effectiveness

– relaxation in the body improves relationships and facilitates co-creation


– an organism without tension and pain heals

– we are more resilient and have more strength


– knowledge of the processes taking place in our body allows us to consciously manage our own energy, which protects us from burnout and lack of motivation

“Success is guaranteed by managing energy, not time”
T. Schwarz


– each of the participants will strengthen themselves, feel the healing process and find their own protection against stress,
– each of the participants will learn the TRE (Tension Release Exercises) method of working with their body to a degree that allows them to continue it on their own in optimal conditions,
– all the participants will receive materials supplementing the knowledge about the essence of the presented method together with exercise instructions.

One day’s workshop.

Hosted by:
Magdalena Kwaśniewska-Tafel: ExecutiveCoach, MindSonar Coach, Level II TRE Provider. Sales professional with 15 years of managerial experience.

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Heart Elements

Our behaviour and emotions belong to the individual elements; upsetting their balance and breaking the cycle of their flow within us leads to limitations, problems and often even diseases. All those who want to learn how to restore this equilibrium and balance the energies of all the elements at a physical, emotional and spiritual level are invited to participate in our workshops.

Heart Elements (Żywioły Serca™) is a workshop for integrated work on restoring balance in relationships, work, family, and health. It is a time to work on self-healing based on one’s own potential and the power of nature, and an opportunity for deep regeneration.
The Corelements™ methodology, based on therapeutic work with the basic elements, comprehensively organises the healing and regeneration process at the level of the body, emotions and mind. As a general and coherent concept of restoring the balance of the elements, it allows various techniques, methods and tools to be used for therapeutic, healing and relaxing purposes.

Participants of the Heart Elements (Żywioły Serca™) workshop

  1. will experience a variety of practice working with each of the elements
  2. will deepen self-awareness, self-acceptance and access to individual potential
  3. will experience deep contact with themselves and their environment
  4. will rebuild the original bond with nature and its rhythm of life
  5. will start rebalancing their lives
  6. will heal current relationships and open up to new ones
  7. will release emotions and get rid of emotional blockades
  8. will start creating new patterns of behaviour and coping with difficult situations
  9. will touch what is deep, often difficult and standing in the way of happiness
  10. will trigger the flow of opportunities, creation and self-fulfilment in their lives
  11. will experience diverse forms of work under the supervision of experienced guides who will help them to get to where the fulfilment begins
  12. will take care of themselves holistically

The workshop programme includes, among others:

  1. work with the body, meridian gymnastics
  2. intuitive dance of the Elements and sound contemplation
  3. breathing practices, mudras and ho’oponopono practices
  4. Core Constellation workshops
  5. tension releasing exercise practices (TRE®)
  6. static and dynamic meditations

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A woman of power in the arena of her own life

The workshop is dedicated to women who feel that they have achieved everything or almost everything in business and they find no business-related challenge to be frightful, but deep inside they feel that they are not fully at peace with themselves. During the workshops:

  1. We will look for true femininity within ourselves that is neither impudent nor withdrawn, which simply allows us to be who we are and enjoy ourselves.
  2. We will learn how to trust ourselves more, how to feel and follow our intuition and genuine needs.
  3. We will slightly open the door to our consciousness, combine the energies of the heart and mind, and remove the uncomfortable masks to feel the real pleasure underneath.
  4. We will also learn how to accept the ‘lower self’ in ourselves, associated with emotions considered negative.
  5. We will try to make friends with anger, sadness or fear.
  6. We will learn to love ourselves, even in the ‘weaker’ moments; we will find the gentle and loving side of our own self.

A woman of power in the arena of her own life – however strange, difficult or impossible it seems to be now, find out what it would be like to make a small step in that direction.

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