Corporate wellness

Future Five – the competencies of the future

The training is dedicated to leaders and people working on their success who want to know what competencies it is worth investing in and what skills our employees should possess, so that the team they create is still successful in 5 years.

During the training we are going to ask fundamental questions regarding the future and factors determining success on the market. Participants of the workshop are going to learn how to gain self-awareness, be highly flexible and open to new challenges of  the fast-changing world. Thanks to our training the Participants are going to see how important it is to have complex and non-standard competencies; advanced and at the same time close to each person as they come from our nature.

During the training Participants will get to know the key competencies of the future, that is:

  1. Self-awareness of one’s own potential, needs and possibilities coming out of them which can be used in professional life
  2. Emotion management and ability to reduce stress
  3. Mindfulness, concentration improvement and conscious presence at work
  4. Flexibility of both thought and action and active improvisation as an effective tool to achieve goals
  5. The role of intuition in creative problem solving.