Polish for foreigners

Learn Polish from scratch at renowned Hutchinson Institute. Our best native speakers are at your disposal.
Confirm your language skills with a recognised certificate.

We present you with an online course, thanks to which you will learn to speak and understand Polish. The curriculum includes 120 training hours with a professional language trainer – a native speaker of Polish.

The person who completes the course:
– understands and can use simple statements about everyday life,
– can formulate and answer questions about his or her private life, family, immediate environment and work,
– can interact in a simple way in routine communication situations and on the most important everyday topics,
– knows and understands the basic elements of business language,
– is able to communicate in situations related to professional life.

The main focus is on speaking and listening skills as, according to European standards, these two skills are considered crucial, especially at basic levels.

3 meetings per week x 90 minutes
• Course duration: approx. 5 months
• Learning via Zoom / MS Teams + account on the training platform

• 8–12 people
• Individual schedule of meetings for each group

• Official confirmation of the ability to communicate in Polish

Price for the entire course per person: EUR 360 / PLN 1600
• EUR 6 per 90-minute lesson

Write to us to learn more and receive a detailed offer!