Soft skills training

Training courses for Managers

Leading people entails responsibility and challenges which is why we offer support and the development of the competences of managerial staff in: setting requirements and disciplining employees, coaching tools in a manager’s work, mentorship in a manager’s work, efficient team building, public speaking, building a leader’s position, and labels in business.

Solutions for internal instructors/coaches

It is a comprehensive solution offering internal instructors/coaches tools for efficient execution of development processes. The offer includes the Instructor Academy, fulfilled within a closed formula. The entire Instructor Academy covers six two-day meetings preparing internal instructors in the following areas:

analysing training needs, designing training courses, working on a group process, working with resentment and difficult situations in training, selecting instructor tools in designing workshops and training sessions, instructor’s tools’ array, and supervised instructor training. The entire Instructor Academy is a comprehensive solution giving internal instructors competences necessary for conducting efficient workshops and training courses.

You can select specific training units within the offer. The second part of the offer in the area is a closed development process dedicated to internal coaches: Hutchinson Coaching Institute, which consists of six two-day sessions preparing the participants to fulfil the role of internal coaches in an organisation. The programme develops a coach’s key competences, it indicates the essence and the basis of coaching, and it offers specific coaching tools for working both in personal and team/group coaching processes. The training units can be dedicated as a whole or selected from the available range.

Write to us to receive a detailed offer of workshops dedicated to internal instructors/coaches.

Solutions for traders

Good traders must possess certain qualities and skills which aid in successful sales. Sales representatives should work on themselves on an ongoing basis: expand both their knowledge in a given area, and their communication skills. Remember that traders remain in constant contact with clients, which is why the development of soft skills is also important. Thus the offer of workshops and training courses includes workshops in successful professional customer service, commercial negotiations, and advanced sales techniques, as well as communication, assertiveness, and personal skills. The list includes workshops on commercial presentations using visual thinking, as well as advanced workshops from the Executive range: improvising in sales.

Write to us to receive a detailed offer of workshops dedicated to traders.

Solutions for HR departments

Human Resources specialists nowadays are strategic advisers of the management board. To work well in the HR department requires constant learning, and improving one’s knowledge on business and development matters. HR works not only for the benefit of the entire organisation but also for each employee individually. The offer of the workshops designed for HR departments covers the following areas: external communication, internal communication, ensuring proper working environment – responsibility for the company image in the labour market, improving employee productivity – developing key talents for the company, defining development paths, human capital efficiency research – conducting studies, developing the results, preparing forecasts, cooperation with all the departments of a company, conducting recruitment processes, and planning an HR policy in cooperation with the management board. The workshops also help develop such competences of HR specialists as: employing/laying off employees, evaluating work, training, conducting development processes, e.g. coaching sessions. The programmes cover also stress management training, and self-motivation training designed to help prevent occupational burnout.

Write to us to learn more, and receive a detailed offer with workshop plans.

Solutions for customer service and sales departments

The customer service department is one of the most important parts of a company. It is often the place where clients comes into contact with the company for the first time. That is why it is so important for customer service operatives to be able to handle clients in a comprehensive manner, and solve all matters which clients may report. The range of the workshops, which constitute solutions for the customer service department, includes topics on communication focussed on building long-term relations with clients, both prospective and returning, through various communication channels, topics on assertiveness in contacts with clients, commercial negotiations, sales techniques, standards of professional customer service, and personal efficiency.

Write to us to learn more, and receive a detailed offer with workshop plans.

Solutions for IT departments

IT departments will find in our range of workshops topics on communication and building an IT team. The IT-dedicated programme mainly consists Agile Team Coaching Academy ©, the first and only Polish school of group and team coaching dedicated for Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters, adjusted to the actual requirements in working with a Scrum Team.  Coaching is the perfect method for working with Scrum Teams but it requires competences reaching far beyond the standard skills of an Agile Coach or a Scrum Master. Agile Team Coaching Academy © was developed with Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters in mind who need efficient tools and special skills in order to be able to release the potential hidden in a Scrum Team.

Agile Team Coaching Academy © is a comprehensive programme priming a Team Coach for Agile work. It consists 48 hours of classes in Agile Team Coaching (3 16-hour weekend-long meetings); it is based on the coaching standards of the International Coach Federation in line with the standards of the biggest association of coaches from around the world. The programme was designed to offer knowledge, tools, and skills utilised by Agile Coaches/Scrum Masters for:

  • efficient construction of self-organising teams 
  • supporting the feedback culture 
  • building positive relations between the members of a Scrum team 
  • developing the terms for cooperation in conflict situations 
  • supporting the team in generating new solutions 

The programme consists trusted team and group coaching tools. When developing training units, we refer to verified theories and models, in line with the Evidence Based Coaching principle. The offer also includes standard topics of workshops, such as communication workshops for the IT department, and multicultural workshops within an IT department. Write to us to learn more, and receive a detailed offer with workshop plans.

Solutions for production departments

The range of training courses designed for production operatives focusses on defining goals, the role of the leader/foreperson in building their status within a production team, evaluating employees, providing feedback in everyday duties, and conducting team meetings. 

Personal efficiency

The solutions cover such topics as: defining goals based on neurobiology, neuroeconomics, neuropsychology, self-management in time, habit formation, stress management, communication, and assertiveness.