Language training

For the last 13 years we have worked for companies, institutions, and corporate clients raising the language qualifications of their employees. In virtually any language, at every level of proficiency, at locations convenient for our clients, based on personalised dedicated needs. Our teachers and instructors do not use pre-defined training templates: they are created each time in cooperation with you and for you. The main languages include: English, German, Russian, Spanish, and French.

Before beginning a training course:

  • we analyse the training needs of the participants
  • we work together to define the main goal
  • we study the needs and the personalities of the participants
  • under the supervision of our head teaching specialist, we develop a curriculum, and the method of fulfilling it
  • we select and create appropriate training material
  • we conduct the training at a location specified by the client
  • we hold a final examination (internal), and together with the participants we analyse its results, as well as evaluate the delivery and the efficiency of the training course.

Each training course is dedicated to a specific group with common needs, proficiency level, and goals. A detailed programme is developed by a dedicated Hutchinson Institute teaching specialist upon analysing the needs and the personalities of the participants.

 During the classes, depending on the course’s theme, we utilise such methods as: team work, pair work, individual work, games, simulations, case studies, brainstorming, minilectures, and presentations.

Throughout the course, we also use modern solutions supporting language learning, i.e.: Quizlet, Kahoot, Linguahouse, TED Talks, ClickMeeting, Skype.

For communication practice, we use: improvisation, scripts, controlled scripts, improvised and controlled reconstructions, open-end summary, controlled summary, translation, open-end and controlled presentations.

We utilise original material developed in cooperation with Hutchinson Institute instructors and teaching specialists.

Our offer of language courses includes:

  • general courses
  • business courses
  • specialist courses
  • sector-specific courses
  • English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Czech, Slovak
  • Polish for foreigners
  • MBE Master of Business English
  • HRM Human Resources Management
  • Business English Camp