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The BSS/SSC/BPO/ITO sector has been developing dynamically in Poland in recent years. That has translated into emphatic recent changes in the labour market, and the demand for employees possessing specific competences. Currently, the sector employs in Poland over 200,000 people, and the number continues to grow along with new investments, and new shared services centres. One of the characteristic features of the sector is a very young staff for whom it is often their first professional experience. Additionally, centres which are relocated from abroad offer existing employees an opportunity to relocate, too, which consequently leads to building teams diverse in terms of their cultural and age composition. The growing competition in the market between individual centres, the repeatability of the processes being handled, and a low level of identification with the mother-company increase the turnover ratio.

The analysis of those elements, specific for the BSS/SSC/BPO/ITO sector, has indicated an area of common challenges which the sector’s HR departments face on a daily basis:

  • high turnover
  • low identification with the brand
  • problems with maintaining commitment
  • communication problems in multicultural / multi-generational teams
  • low managerial qualifications of team leaders
  • problems with mental resilience

In response to those challenges we have developed in cooperation with experts in the sector a series of training courses dedicated to the BSS/SSC/BPO/ITO sector, during which we develop the main soft skills competences of employees and leaders

  1. Onboarding, i.e. how to make employees fall in love with your company
  2. Management and communication in multicultural teams
  3. Successful management in the context of generation-based differences
  4. Team building
  5. Team coaching
  6. Agile Team Coaching Academy
  7. Successful leader
  8. Mental resistance in business

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