Łukasz Marciniak
Łukasz Marciniak

PhD social sciences, executive coach, management consultant. Founder of Atmagon business group, director at the Skills Development Lab, co-founder of Holi Center for Mindfulness, a lecturer at the University of Lodz and coordinator of the postgraduate programme life-coaching and organizational coaching; a member of the international advisory group Consulman S.p.A. His coaching practice in based on IAC Masteries®, TPLCTM, CoachWiseTM approaches. He specializes in the in-depth work with identity, personal and organizational transformations, systemic solutions and symbolic interaction. For several years, he has supported individual and corporate customers, with more than 1,100 hours of coaching and nearly 11,000 hours of training and consultancy. He carried out large projects for Philips Lighting, Indesit Company, FIAT Group, Saab AB, Emerson Industrial, TRW, Brembo, Lacroix, Commerzbank AG, Raiffeisen Bank, PZU S.A., PKP Cargo, KGHM Polish Copper SA and many smaller companies.

He is the author of numerous publications, scientific studies including the bestseller “Coaching. A set of tools to support development “(Wolters Kluwer 2012 ed. II 2013).

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hutchinson_admin 30 March 2018
I HR Genius Congress

I HR Genius Congress is already behind us. About 250 participants registered for the event organized by Hutchinson Institute and Łódź Special Economic Zone S.A. including heads of HR departments from all over the country. 17 prominent speakers and practitioners presented in front of the audience. Main emphasis was placed on 3 areas: Multigenerational and […]

hutchinson_admin 20 April 2018
The BSS Tour – Cracow

On 17.04.2018r. the first Pro Progressio Foundation conference took place, opening the series: The BSS Tour. This time we visited Office Inspiration Centre of Nowy Styl Group in Cracow. The main topic of the conference was: KPI/SLA inspirations. We couldn’t miss it.

hutchinson_admin 28 February 2018
HR Genius Congress – 23 March 2016

Hutchinson Institute and Lodz Special Economic Zone have the honour to invite you to the HR Genius Congress held on 23 March in Łódź. The Congress is dedicated to HR specialists, and will be held in the beautiful building of Grohman’s factory (22G Księdza Biskupa Wincentego Tymienieckiego). It constitute a comprehensive response to the needs […]

hutchinson_admin 25 January 2018
Hutchinson Institute at the 5th Outsourcing Stars Gala 2018 in Gdynia

A Łódź photowall before the 5th Outsourcing Stars Gala 2018 in Gdynia.

hutchinson_admin 25 January 2018
Hutchinson Institute at the 2017 Manager of the Year of the Łódź Region Gala

The 2017 Manager of the Year of the Łódź Region Gala

hutchinson_admin 24 November 2018
Hutchinson Coaching Institute for HR

On 16 December, we are launching Hutchinson Coaching Institute for HR, a comprehensive development programme helping you learn the entire A-Z range of coach competences. Today, coaching tools constitute the necessary equipment held by every HR specialist or HR manager. The lectures are going to be delivered by Aneta Jurewicz, our Development Manager and owner […]

hutchinson_admin 24 April 2018
Business English CAMP

You can now enrol on this year’s edition of our intensive outdoor business English training: Business English Camp. Do you want to surprise your boss and co-workers with your new language skills? Do you want  to impress your team with your presentation or communication skills? Do you want to be eloquent and precise in expressing […]

hutchinson_admin 27 January 2018
MBE Master of Business English – Szczecin

On 27 Jan 2018, we began the spring edition of the MBE Master of Business English course in Szczecin. MBE is our original programme for learning English. Within 5 months (140 class hours in total) we are going to improve your skills in applying English in professional- business settings. The course has been extremely popular […]

hutchinson_admin 17 November 2017
Webinar – Team coaching in terms of tasks and relations

Join another of our free webinars. This time you will be able to learn the exact difference between team coaching and group coaching. When is the best time to apply that tool? What does the process look like from the perspective of a professional coach? You will learn about an original tool: “7 Perspectives Model” […]